How does recycled plastic bottles become yarn for making kit shirts?

The knit fabric called Eco-Softlock is obtained from TOPGREEN®, a Global Recycled Standard-certified thread made from 100% PET recycled polyester. The used PET is collected and reduced to 2mm chips and subsequently treated to obtain a thread that guarantees the same performance as a virgin thread. The equivalent of 13 0.5L bottles yields a quantity of polyester yarn sufficient to make one shirt.

Made mostly of oil or natural gas, PET is 100% recyclable. Considering that it does not lose its characteristics during the treatment, PET can be repeatedly recycled. In addition, compared to pure polyester, recycled polyester has the advantage of requiring less energy during the production chain. Choices of this nature are a testimony to the company’s respect for the environment and their engagement with the possibility of putting new eco-sustainable products on the market.